Our First Meeting And How Our
Relationship Grew
Our Story
Sat May 26, 2007  
(Memorial Day Weekend)
Sharyn Sablan & Dale Miron
By Sharyn Sablan
On a warm evening in Pacific Beach shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, Dale Miron and Sharyn Sablan sat in a
roomful of Catholic young adults at the Tuesday night bible study at St. Brigids Catholic Church. Strangers as
they were that day, little did they know, that one day they would meet again. Sharyn’s first impression of Dale
wasn’t anything she had shared with her girlfriends that night, however, his familiar face was recognized
once again at Mission De Alcala Young Adult group (MYA) on a Wednesday night months later. Sharyn was
looking for a young adult group to belong to shortly after her mom was hospitalized, looking for a source of
strength to draw from and to also to share her Catholic faith with other young adults in San Diego. Dale, a
newcomer from Canada, was looking to continue his involvement with a Catholic group as he was active in
Canada as well as the UCSD Newman Center. The MYA's weekly events allowed Sharyn and Dale to form a
friendship that led them to know one another as friends and as brother and sister in Christ. Within a year,
because his various talents and great fundraising ideas, Sharyn nominated Dale as Social Coordinator of the
MYA, while Sharyn was nominated by her
colleagues as the Fundraising Coordinator. Together they planned and organized various events for the
MYA, i.e. game nights, Qualcomm fundraisers, young adult dances, candle making, retreats, etc.

While Dale admired the dedication and spirituality of the women of MYA and St. Brigid’s, Sharyn developed
crushes and infatuations on one particular guy (not Dale!). Having a crush on someone was something not
unusual in Sharyn’s life, but being crushed from not having the feelings reciprocated was devastating to
Sharyn! For several months, she retreated and focused back on her tasks at hand! Meanwhile, Dale starts to
focus in on Sharyn. For the next year, their relationship grew, but they always remained just friends. Dale was
like a brother to her. When Sharyn’s mother passed away on Dec 21, 2003, Sharyn’s heart was broken. She
had once said to herself that she would be happy just as long as she had God and her mom. The following
year after her mother passed, Sharyn had gone through some drastic changes, no longer was there the joyful
girl that planned MYA activities and made people smile.The following Spring 2004, Sharyn decided to pursue
God’s call for her. She went to Spiritual Direction through the Regnum Christi Movement and decided to find
out what her vocation was. She thought, it’s either one of 2 choices; be married to God, or married to a man.
So, she went to a convent in Oxnard, CA, Servants of Mary. She visited for 2 days. She also wrote to other
convents. Another advice she was given was to be open to dating guys, or at least meeting them and seeing
if there would be any potential spouses, so to speak. This terried Sharyn, but she knew she had to do it or
she would never know. In the fall of 2004, Sharyn went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes and Fatima with Fr. Philip
Bronk. This was a healing pilgrimage for Sharyn because she ad offered it up for her healing as well as her
vocation. She came back home with more clarity knowing that she would be open to God’s will whatever it
may be. She offered a 9 day Novena to St. Therese asking for peace and healing of mind and heart.

On Oct 30, 2004, Sharyn celebrated her 34th birthday at work, thinking that taking care of people would
remind her of taking care of her mom. While she hid at work, thinking her friends would be far from her, Dale
Miron and two of Sharyn’s close friends, Raquel Reyes and Arlene Evangelista, paid Sharyn a visit, bringing
plenty of gifts for this special day.The gift that meant the most to Sharyn was the gift from Dale. He gave her a
first class relic of St. Therese of Liseux (Sharyn’s favorite saint), two butterfly candle holders, (she loved
butterflies!) and 2 Christmas ornaments with pictures of her mom and her together. This made Sharyn’s heart
sink, yet at the same time created confusion in her mind. She thought,  I don’t deserve this kind of gift from
someone I don’t have feelings for, yet she was thinking, This guy truly knows what is going on in my mind and
heart, thinking of my saint, my mom and what I am feeling at this time of the year. For the next several weeks,
Sharyn attempted to push Dale out of her life, saying “Go and date other girls”, one night. She had to formally
meet with him and tell him to stop wasting his time.
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Shortly after that, Sharyn felt more comfortable with her friendship with Dale. She felt that she had gotten rid
of his interest in her, so she started hanging out with him again, going to MYA events, activities, church,
cooking lessons, etc. There was no longer that obligated feeling that she had to reciprocate the same
feelings for him. On the first Friday of Dec. 2004, Sharyn decided to go to Christmas party sponsored by her
work and meet a guy that her co-worker wanted her to meet. That evening, the guy didn’t show up. So,
Sharyn called Dale to go watch a movie, ( it was called “Christmas with the Kranks”). It was then that Sharyn
realized that Dale had always been a good friend to her, a dear brother in Christ, and has always stood afar
and near to her regardless of how she felt towards him in her various stages of growth. She kept thinking to
herself, “Who would give me such a beautiful gift as a relic of St. Therese and pictures of me and my mom?”.
Sharyn attributes her feelings for Dale as something that grew and blossomed in time and had to be realized
with the assistance of St. Therese of Liseux.  Sharyn truly realized that she loved Dale as much as he loved
her. It was in due time that the Lord would unravel His Plan for her and Dale.
Statue of St Therese of Lisieux