Welcome To Dale, Sharyn and Menelia-Rose Miron's Homepage
Welcome Page
Welcome to the new updated homepage where you will find updates
on our marriage and family.  As of October 22, 2008 we would like
to introduce the newest addition to our family by the name of
Menelia-Rose Miron.  She is a gem of a child and as you can see by
the pic, as cute as a button.  Her birth pictures and pictures of events
in our family our featured in the button bar on the l

We have re-routed our older wedding pages to the button link listed
as "Wedding Pages" where much of the previous information was
found.  Links to our honeymoon pictures and other events will be
added over the coming weeks as we would like to share with family
and friends who are unable to be in constant contact with us.

If you have been in contact with us in the past we would like to hear
from you... please use our contacts page to forward messages.
Thanks and God Bless!