I chose Sharon Scanlon as one of my bridesmaids because she played a big part
in my transformation during my “healing’ journey. I met Sharon at one of the
young adult activities,  a hike on Cowles Mountain one Sunday morning. From
then, we kept bumping into each other at various events. Later she became one of
my massage therapists as well as good friends. We also hiked “Half Dome” at
Yosemite, which was a surprise to me. We “hail Mary’d” and “Our Father’d”
our way up that steep wall. It was a scary experience, but we did it together.I
don’t’ think I’ll ever to that one again, since I know how it is now. One day, her
news to me of doing her first Olympic Triathlon through Team in Training, all of
a sudden inspired me to want to do one, too. So, the next day, I signed up and I
have done a couple since then. Doing a triathlon is a big feat to accomplish and I
would have never done it if not for her example. Sharon is also a prayer warrior
for me. We shared our interest in attending healing masses, always running into
each other at these services! She has brought out the best in me and even the
worst! It was funny when she had me call Dr. Laura about a problem and she
actually had it recorded and I cried after listening to myself, then we ended up
both laughing at it. I’ll won't call Dr. Laura like that again!
Sharon Scanlon
By Sharyn Sablan