I chose Pia Puertollano as one of my bridesmaids because she, too, was a part
of the friendship that grew between Dale and I. I first met her through the BNP
in our 20’s. At that time she was busy with her new job as a dietician in San
Diego, while I ended up moving to Ontario, so we would see each other once in
a while at BNP events. It was in the MYA when our friendship was renewed. We
hung out at many young adult events in the diocese. Pia and I loved to dance
salsa, go to Glen Ivy, sing praise songs, and pray the rosary, especially the
Consecration to Mary by St. Louis De Montfort, which we tried doing without
missing a day! Pia and I share our love for music and our Catholic Faith. Pia
was always supportive in whether or not I was interested  in Dale, yet subtly
hinting to me, “You know, Sharyn, Dale is a really nice guy.”  Pia’s enthusiasm
and liveliness helped me to enjoy my journey with the MYA.
Pia Puertollano
By Sharyn Sablan