Philippe Sebrechts
By Dale Miron
Philippe was chosen to be the best man for all of the blessings he has bestowed
upon Sharyn and myself.  If it were not for him I may not have become involved
with the Mission Young Adults (MYA), where I eventually met my future spouse
Sharyn Sablan.  It was in the spring of 2002 that Philippe invited me to give a
talk on retreats at the MYA while Paul Santerro was running the group.  After
that talk I became more involved with the MYA as it stood for a mission I
believed in.  It was also with Philippe's encouragement that I introduced myself
to Sharyn and we became fast friends.  You can always count on Philippe to be
at your side in prayer when the chips are down. His earnest honesty will strike
you at first as being a very forward personality, but you can guarantee that he
keeps his promises and commitments (something I strive for).