I chose Nancy Lopez as one of my bridesmaids because she is also a close
friend that helped me grow in my Catholic Faith. In 2000 at St. Paul’s Catholic
Church in Chino Hills, CA, I met Nancy at Singles for Christ, a lay Catholic
group of single men and women, who met weekly to hear talks given by other
young adults about their faith and to praise God in song and dance. It was then
that Nancy introduced me to something called “Catholic Apologetics”, which is
a term meaning “defending the Catholic faith”. She gave me a book by Dr.
Scott Hahn, called The Lamb’s Supper. From here, Nancy and I attended many
of the National Catholic Family Conventions held in Anaheim every year and
various bible studies in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. During many
of my struggles in life without my mom, Nancy has been a source of strength
and has provided direction in my life as well. Nancy and I could talk up a storm
on the phone, that’s something we did a lot of, too.
Nancy Lopez
By Sharyn Sablan