I chose Marjorie Bautista as one of my bridesmaids because, like Myraed, she
also represents my association with the youth ministry and the BNP. I have known
Marjorie longer than Myraed because Marjorie was one of the original youths in
San Diego BNP Chapter. Marjorie also has a natural talent for music and they
both helped me to form a beautiful competition choir for San Diego. Marjorie’s
strong voice was like the backbone of our choir, she saved us through a lot of
caroling nights when we only had 1 soprano, and it was her!  I remember
Marjorie telling me, “Don’t’ forget me, Ate Sharyn, when you get married! I want
to be a bridesmaid!” Marjories encouraging words always gave me hope.
Marjorie, Myraed and Nina were the first girls in the BNP youth ministry who
met Dale when we were dating.
Marjorie Bautista
By Sharyn Sablan