Both Dale and I together chose Lucie Kim as my Matron of Honor because
she was a mutual friend of mine and Dale’s. We met her through the MYA
and she was the first to recognize the similarities between Dale and I as we
were going about in our duties in the MYA. Lucie, a member of Regnum
Christi, a lay Catholic movement, originated by Fr. Maciel Macias, was one
of my prayer warriors. A Novena here, a rosary there, a Mass there, words
of encouragement and her gift of charity and wisdom helped me to endure the
trials and challenges I was facing the past few years. Lucie was also a
person Dale went to for consultation when I turned him down! Being a
married person, Lucie helped me to discern if marriage was something I
wanted or not. Lucie’s example in her devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and
the Rosary always inspired me.
 Thank you Lucie.
Lucie Kim
By Sharyn Sablan