Jay Bananal
By Dale Miron
Both Sharyn and I together chose Jay for the role of best man in recognition of
his honest and loyal friendship.  Jay became friends with Sharyn and Dale
while volunteering with the Mission Young Adults (MYA), assisting us with
fundraising and social events.  No matter what the task needed to be performed
(from serving beer to football patrons, to donating his time for Sharyn to
practice cather tube insertions) Jay was always available for us.  Very few
friends can step up to the plate with no questions or strings attached!  For this
we are very fortunate to have Jay as a part of our lives.   He is a great leader
as shown by his commitments to the Mission San Diego Youth program and is
dedicated to leading a prayerful life.  He also has a bundle of energy ready to
expend as her serves the church and helps his friends.