I chose Edith Guzman as one of my bridesmaids because she is like a younger
sister to me. Although she brings out the youthfulness in me, she also has a
sense of maturity in her in that her love for God influenced me to think about my
role as a woman of God and how I can develop it. Edith and I met in the MYA.
Actually, we got more acquainted at one of the Magnificat Women’s prayer
breakfast when Fr. Michael Sears, “tapped our foreheads” and away we fell! It
was a healing service, where the priest layed hands on us and we were “slain”
by the Holy Spirit, which is like resting in the hands of God. Edith and I enjoyed
many conversations about our faith as well as girl talk (guys, whose cute, whose
spiritual, whose this, etc.) Edith and I enjoyed going to dances and parties with
the MYA and St. Brigids.
Edith Guzman
By Sharyn Sablan