Carl, Tyler and Lyle Miron
By Dale Miron
What can I say about my three brothers?  Where do I begin?
Well, Carl is currently in Texas completing his studies with Master of Arts in Humanities at the U of Texas having been in the Legionarios De Cristo seminary for 9 years.  Tyler is working for the Randall Inspection Services, doing radiation testing for oil and oil services companies in Cold Lake, Alberta Canada.  Lyle is working as a Project Manager for Bird Construction Managment Inc in Calgary, Alberta Canada having recently been married (in Sept 2006) and now expecting a child in 2007.  We had fond memories together as children, especially the times that I had to look
after them in our later years when both parents were working.  I sort of got the
nickname Major Tom (after the song) for being overly regimented in my rules.  But we also had fun with my gazillion copied games for my Commodore Vic-20 and Commodore 64 computers.  There were also the times we watched
descrambled Movie stations and copied VHS movies.   Those were the days.....  Let's face it, I have become the person I am through the influences of my family and friends.  What better way to recognize that other than to have them involved in my wedding?  

We now play multi-player shoot-em-up games on linked X-boxes together (and other games).  But it was the goofy early 80's video games, movies like Star Wars and Rocky - goofy films like MegaForce and the Pirate Movie, and our endless collection of Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformer toys that jog my memory.  Oh yeah! I almost forgot the long hours of the night playing those Axis and Allies board games.