Adult: (13+) $22.00
Child: $14.50

9AM to 5PM
in May 2007
Legoland California contains about 50 rides and attractions at the main park.  The original LEGOland park was developed in June 1968
and was called LEGOland Billund in Denmark.  Next came LEGOland London, built in the UK in 1996 and then LEGOland California in
Carlsbad on March 20, 1999.  LEGOland is operated by Merlin Entertainments Group which is the 2nd largest theme park operator in
Europe.  LEGOland California is a 128-acre park designed with children in mind with the ages of 2 through 12 years of age.  There are  
15,000 detailed lego creations built entirely of lego blocks in the theme park.  Some 20 million LEGO bricks are assembled to include
entire city landscapes to reproductions of a full size Volvo SUV.  This park has a few amusements that adults can enjoy, but most of the
park is designed strictly for kids.   

Lego was developed by a wood toy maker named Ole Kirk Christiansen in Billund, Denmark in 1932.  In 1934, Ole Kirk called his toys
LEGO, a contraction of the Danish words for playing well ('leg godt'). After buying a plastic injection molding machine in 1947 and after
much experimentation the first type of LEGO brick was developed.  These bricks were call 'Automatic Binding Bricks' when introduced
and later in 1958 inner tube circles were included in the bricks (which completed the transformation to the modern LEGO block we know
of today).

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Splash Battle - Pirate Shores, (Ride a small four man pirate boat and fire water cannons at other riders, at pirate props and at observers)
Minimum height: 36"

Soak ~N~ Sail - Pirate Shores, (Large pirate ship with large water pumps, fountains and a water slide) Minimum height: 36"

Swabbies Deck - Small ponds and small fountains for kids to play in.

Dig Those Dinos - Reproduction dinosaur bones buried in sand for kids to dig up

Fairy Tale Brook - Ride a small four person bought and look at fairy tale LEGO block reproductions of famous characters along the edge
of the stream

LEGOLAND® Express - Small toddler train that goes round and round

Musical Fountain - Jump on a floor pad to make musical instruments play and squirt water

Playtown - LEGO built town with 3 foot figures for children to play with. Includes a fire station and police station and house.

Adventurer Fun Town - A pathway through a LEGO representation of the Amazon Jungle, Ancient Egypt and the Artic.

Club House Fun Town - A place to purchase bulk LEGO bricks or try out new LEGO toys.

Factory Tour - Tour a small factory of LEGO molding and assembly machines at work.
Enchanted Walk & The Hideaways - Climb rope ladders and walk on wooden catwalks in a
Medieval LEGO setting. Go through an obstacle course.

Block of Fame - A 3D gallery of art and busts of historical figures all made from LEGO.

Coast Cruise - A boat tour of the LEGO built landscapes and cities.

Miniland USA - Replicas of the major USA cities and tourist hot spots. Made with 20 million
LEGO bricks. Includes the new Freedom Tower in mini New York.

The Model Shop - An area to watch LEGO master builders perpare new models and
scenes for the park.

Build and Test - An area where kids can build a mini LEGO race car and race it down a

Bonical Evolution - A visual display and hands on exhibit for LEGO's new BONICAL blocks.

Duplo Play - A room filed with thousands of LEGO bricks for young children to play in.

Maniac Challenge - 40 desktop computers for playing LEGO PC games like BIONICLE,
Drome Racers, LEGO Drome Racers, Lego Friends, Chess, etc.

Safari Trek - Tour a LEGO built LEGO animal park while riding a mini go-kart.

Flight Squadron - An amusement ride for children on LEGO planes that go round and

Fun Town Fire Academy - Race Lego fire truck and then squirt water canons at a pretend
burning building. Requires adults or older children to operate pumps while kids aim water

Skipper School - Kids can ride in LEGO boats that follow a preset path in the LEGO pond.

Sky Patrol - Children ride LEGO helicopters that go up and down to simulate hovering.

Coastersaurus - A 21 mph rollercoaster that is set in a LEGO dinosaur park.

Sky Cruiser - Kind of link a mini-tram with bizaar looking LEGO vehicles that can hold four
people to give you a visual tour high above the park.

Royal Joust - Kids ride a LEGO horse on a track through the LEGO medieval castle.

The Dragon - Another LEGO rollercoaster, with a longer track through the LEGOland
medieval castle.

Knights' Tournament - Watch a Knight's tournament while riding a twisting robotic arm that
rotates at multiple angles.

Aquazone Wave Racers - Ride a family sized water skidoo around the pond while being
splashed by mini water canons from spectators.

Kid Power Towers - Participants ride up one of three towers for a birds eye view of the
park and then plummet in a free fall to the bottom.

BIONICLE Blaster - Ride in circular pods that twist and turn to gravity and with the help of a
center wheel.
LEGO TECHNIC Coaster - One of the only adult attractions in LEGOland
where participants race in four person all terrain cars on a rollercoaster as the
cars bank, brake and accelerate at high speeds over many twists and turns.

Volvo Driving School  - Drive LEGO versions of Volvo vehicles in these

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics - Reservations required at this attraction on
the day you arrive.  Build and Program LEGO robots.