Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
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Entrance to Cold Lake (North) from
Highway 28
Cold Lake Totem Poles have long
welcomed visitors to the Lake
St Dominic's Catholic Church on top of
a hill overlooking the lake in Cold Lake
Cold Lake Hotel (formerly the Rondel
D & B Convenience Store where I used
to pick up my newspapers to deliver.
Entrance to the Cold Lake Marina
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can
often be seen at times during the
winter in Cold Lake.
With the boom in the oil industry
come new condominium projects.
Scenic drive towards Alberta Provincial
Park (near the lake) and the Cold Lake
Ski Hill.
Summertime view of
the Cold Lake Marina.
The current home of my parents on an
acreage in Cold Lake.
Clark's General Store, an old
fashioned ice cream parlor and deli in
Cold Lake
The Cold Lake Marina Mini Mall near
the Condominium project.  Downtown
Cold Lake North.
Our family's first home in Cold Lake
constructed in 1980.
Our old neighborhood near where I
delivered papers. Now an area called Miron
heights where my Grandfather used to have
farm land.  Thanks to Cold Lake taxes.
An old abonded farm that used to belong
to a friend of the family's.
The Harbor House Bed and Breakfast Inn
where Sharyn stayed in Dec 2005.
St Dominic's Elementary School where I
attended Junior High School until it was
converted to only elementary.
The Cold Lake bowling alley!   Things to do at
sub-zero temperatures!
The second mini-mall in Cold Lake
North across the street from the other
Marina Mini-Mall. (Not much for
businesses on the north side).
Cold Lake fire department. Former Cold Lake
town hall and library.
In the dead of winter the trees would
glisten a shimmering white in the sun in
the morning. The effect was like a
thousand mini-lights twinkling in the
daylight.  It was due to the frozen dew
adhering to the branches at night. By
late afternoon it would melt away and
freeze again at night.
The Lakeland Inn in Cold Lake South (one of the best hotels).
Thumpers bar is located on the side.  An OK pub to hang out at.
The Imperial Inn in Cold Lake South (second best
hotel along with the Best Western). Club Kaos bar
is located here also.
The Cold Lake Tri-City mall. Opened in the late 1990's it anchors a Canadian Tire, Zellers Department store, and a Sobeys Grocery
store and mid size businesses inside.
Cold Lake South main business district.
Strip mall with Video store, home
decoration and clothing stores here.
Cold Lake South main business district.
Strip mall with CIBC bank, hair salon,
framers, home decoration store.
Competing with Sobeys is the Extra Foods
Grocery store.
The new Best Western Hotel, a
converted project from an older hotel.
Gas stations, Boston Pizza and hotels line the
entrance to Cold Lake South from Highway 28.
Now that Cold Lake has a WalMart, who doesn't these
Yet another Inn within Cold Lake South, the
Kings Court Inn.
One of the few bright spots in Cold Lake is the
Hamels Meats. With some of the best Beef
Jerky and meat cuts you can find.
More shameless plugging for the Hamel brothers at
Hamel meats.  Look them up on the web at:  Order some if
you don't believe me.
Assumption High School where I attended High
School.  Fun and strange times it was....
Yet another strip mall in Cold Lake, this one
has the multiplex movie theater called Grand
Square Cinemas (5 movie screens).
The other high school in Cold Lake is the Grand
Center High School (named after the former town
of Grand Center - now Cold Lake South).
A McDonald's!  Yes, like WalMart,
McDonald's is a sign that you are in
dedicated consumer community. Rotten
Ronnie's is another name in Canada for
these establishments.
The entrance to 4 Wing Air Base of Cold Lake has a CF-5 fighter on display
along with flags from various Canadian provinces and also nations that participate in the annual Maple Flag competition.
Colonel Parr Community Health Club/Center.  With many gyms, swimming pools and a
weight room this multi-million dollar complex was placed far away from many Cold Lake
residences in the heart of the Cold Lake airbase.  Go figure....
The Canex mall on the Cold Lake airbase. An OK mall that
has since been eclipsed by WalMart and the TriCity mall.
A family health center and theater on the air force base.
An elementary school on the air base.
During the Cold War of the 1980's it
was common to see F-15 Eagles (top
pic, left side) and F-16 Falcon (below
pic) fighters always at the base.
A monument to the CF-100 Canuck
Canadian built interceptor jet.
Aerial view of the air force base and
hangars. Note the jets on the tarmac.
The CF-18 fighter, Canada's only jet
fighter at the moment (with about 50 in
service and the rest mothballed).  All
are upgraded 'A' model variants.
Before the CF-18, the Canadian air
space was defended by the CF-101
Voodoo (also called the lead sled).  It
was a laughable deterent to Soviet
bombers.  Relying on an atomic bomb
to be lobbed at high speed at
oncoming bombers and the pilot would
fly away really fast to get out of harms
way.  It would later rely on a radar
directed, outdated 1950s technology,
Falcon missile.  Also armed with a
spotlight to view bombers at night (and
maybe blind them as not to laugh at
our ancient fighters).
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