Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(Candid Shots) -
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S.A.I.T.,  University of Calgary and Mount Royal College
The Mountains of Banff and
Kananaskis Country
Downtown Calgary and Memorial Drive
in the summer evening (9pm).
Downtown Olympic Plaza during the
winter is a skating area.  The glass city
hall building is in the background.
Downtown Calgary from behind the
Calgary Saddledome during the
summer.  The Saddledome was given
the name due to its horse saddle
shape.  The Calgary Flames NHL
hockey club plays at this arena.
Downtown Calgary office
towers are connected by over
the street walkways.
The Calgary Tower, one of
Calgary's distinctive features
next to the Saddledome arena.  
Since the late 1980's it is no
longer the tallest structure in
Very Basic Map of Calgary
showing the major freeways.
Stephan Avenue Mall
in Downtown Calgary
is a walkway to
various stores,
museums, pubs and
shopping malls that
are built into the office
towers.  (Images to
the left and bottom)
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Calgary called Majestic Signs, Ltd.
McMahon Football Stadium hosts the
Calgary Stampeders CFL football club
and a host of outdoor musical events.
A drive down Memorial Drive towards
the city center.
The oldest and most scenic building at the Southern Alberta Institute of
Technology (SAIT) Polytechnical school. This is the administrative building
called Heritage Hall.
Eastward arial view of the SAIT campus. Heritage
Hall is on the bottom left side, the Math, Business
and Medical technology buildings are above and the
Student Center is on the lower right side.
Again, looking East on the SAIT campus.
Distant view of the complete SAIT campus.
Main East Entrance to
Mount Royal College.
Basic Campus Map Of Mount Royal College.
Main West Entrance to Mount Royal
New Expansion to Mount Royal
College for Administrative offices.
Main Entrance on the South End of the
University of Calgary.  With the
overhead Arch at the entry point.
MacEwan Hall student union center with study
halls, restaurants, pubs and overall activity
center for students.
Seating space in MacEwan Hall between restaurants.
Student services section of MacEwan Hall.
Electrical and Chemical Engineering
buildings at University of Calgary
Built in the mid 1990's these buildings are
for the law and nursing departments at
the University.
MacEwan student center expansion and
Library tower.
Basic University of Calgary campus map.
Funky skeletal crab like monument on campus.
The major engineering school
structures at the University.
The Olympic Oval where there are
speed skating rinks, hockey rinks and
curling rinks. Built for the 1988 Winter
The Rock on campus. Regularly
painted over several times during the
year for messages by campus
students or pranks.
The Physical Education (Kinsiology) Dept of the University and entryway to the Olympic Oval.
The University Foothills hospital.
Athabascan Glacier fields near Banff, Alberta.
Mountains and lakes near Banff, Alberta.