There was an eerie calm on the water as the Indian brave paddled across the great lake to reach
his only true love, a trip he made on a regular basis without incidence. With only half the distance
left to go, as he paddled past the mouth of French Bay, he heard a thundering splash roar up
beside him. There was no time to react before the behemoth fish would inflict his wrath upon the
brave. The next day the Indian maiden waited, even though hope had long since faded of her brave
ever returning to her alive. News of the canoe they found, with a large missing chunk from what
looked like the bite of a giant fish, saddened the girl. The canoe belonged to her betrothed, whom
she never saw again after that fateful night he ran into Kinosoo, the legend of Cold Lake. So the
legend goes of the big fish of the past that kept Indians from crossing the lake for many years to
There was a treasury book made on the town of Cold Lake back in 1980. Unfortunately it is no
longer in print. If I ever get a copy I will post the old Kinosoo Big Fish legend picture on the web
page. It was the town's old logo before it became a city.  There was also a picture of a large
carcass that washed ashore around Cold Lake in the early 20th century that helped fuel the legend.
Cold Lake fishing and a picture of the town of Cold Lake, circa 1926.