San Diego is not only the southern most
Californian coastal city, it is also the oldest
having discovered in Sept 1542 and later
colonized in November 1602. The city was
named by Spanish Explorer Sebastian
Vizcaino (who would name the area in honor of
his ships and for the feast day of San Diego
de Alcala ). You will find the population is
generally a little friendlier than what you would
find in Los Angeles or San Fransisco.
San Diego is situated 120 miles south of Los
Angeles, 60 miles south of Orange County and
shares the USA/Mexican border with its southern
neighbor Tijuana, Mexico.  Other popular
destinations like Las Vegas, Nevada and Pheonix,
Arizona are about 4 hours drive east of San Diego.  
The population is approximately 3 million including
all north and east county areas. Most of the north
county areas (north of the I-8 freeway) and
downtown buildings have been developed in the
past 30 years.  Well known for having the world
famous San Diego Zoo and being home to the US
Pacific Naval Fleet San Diego hosts industries
ranging from military development, Marine and Navy
recruitment/training grounds, wireless technology
companies, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.  
There are three large university campuses in San Diego beginning with San Diego State University, the University of California San
Diego and the Catholic University of San Diego.  There are also a host of smaller community universities, technical schools and
colleges in the area.  The average home price is $600,000 and the condos average $360,000.  You can get cheaper than that if you
live in some communities closer to the Tijuana border, of far out in East San Diego county but crime is higher and infrastructure is
often not as good out there.  Note: Not all neighborhoods to the south are crime ridden as there are several newer communities that
have been developed that have slowly changed that outlook.  

There are several tourist hot spots in San Diego including the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld, Legoland,
Knott's Wild Water Park, Belmont Amusement Park, Balboa Park, Old Town and other smaller venues that can be found in the
"Tourist" link in the right side menu.  Low cost hotels can be found down Mission Valley along the I-8 freeway where there is an area
called Hotel Circle.   Prices range from $50/day to $120/day in that area.  Houses can be rented also, but they must be done so in
advance as bookings for these locations along the beaches fill fast!  Besides the tourist traps some popular destinations include the
dozens of beaches along San Diego's coastline, the Gaslamp district where bars and restaurants are plentiful, but parking
unfortunately is not. Parking can range from $5 to $20 in some areas and good luck trying to find street parking at night!  Pacific
Beach has several pubs and restaurants that caters to the 21-39 yoa group.  Close to where Sharyn and I live is Miramar Marine
training grounds, which was made famous by the movie Top Gun (though the Navy Top Gun school had since moved east to Fallon,
Nevada in 1996 to a larger base and smaller town).

Some other facts on San Diego: North county features a wine/vineyard country in town of Temecula, an apple growing community east
of San Diego in Julian and over 40% of avocado's sold in the USA come from plantations in San Diego.

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