Dale was born in the Vancouver area, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.  His father
and mother are Bernard and Adeline Miron  His family lived in Richmond, B.C. before Dale
was of Kindergarten age where he attended school and survived most of the 1970s.  He attended
James Thompson Elementary School from Kindergarten through Grade four.  

Our family moved to Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in 1979.  I remember that time distinctly
since I was uprooted from my friends and school in a city like Vancouver to wind up in a very small town much further north in
Canada.   Eventually I was off to high school at Assumption school where I
graduated with an Advanced (University Grade) High School Diploma in the late 80s.

Just before the turn of the 1990s I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was on my own for the first time at the ripe age of 18.  I was attending a
technical college called S.A.I.T. (or Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).  I took Aeronautical Engineering Technology
while I was there, but I struggled as I was working late at night at a local SuperValu to help pay my way through college and trying to keep up with students who had better calculators, road maps
and more time to study (as I was working at least 24 hours a week at that local grocery store).  I also did a lot of
partying at that time, but nothing too bad.  I soon learned that many of the engineering technologists graduating were not
working in the aerospace industry but rather drafting or doing mathematics.  As aircraft industries merged and airlines
deregulated in the 1980s there were fewer aircraft being designed by fewer companies and that meant fewer jobs.  I was
also working my summers and also for a brief time as a contractor for the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment in the
maintenance section at the Cold Lake air force base, near where my family lived.  I talked with engineers over there with
whom recommended I consider a different field.  I therefore decided to try a hand at University level courses towards an
Electrical and Computer Engineering program.  I therefore applied and got accepted at a University transfer program (as
my English writing marks were poor) at Mount Royal College in Calgary.

I attended Mount Royal College and was able to transfer my credits to the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
 It was at that time at Mount Royal College that I developed my study skills and found myself excelling at calculus,
programming and electronics.  I spent the next three and a half years at the University of Calgary graduating with a BSc in
Electrical and also Computer Engineering.   
Dale's Family, photo taken 1989 in Cold
Lake, Alberta, Canada.

Top middle: Carl Miron

2nd Row: Tanya Miron, Donna Miron, Tyler
Miron and Dale Miron

1st Row (front): Lyle Miron, Adeline Miron
and Bernard Miron

(Note: Tyler and Tanya are twins).
Dale's Family, photo taken 1980 in Cold
Lake, Alberta, Canada
Steve Owen's married Dale's
sister Donna in 1996.  They
currently reside in Ontario,
While I was in College and University I was not very active in my faith and would
spend maybe once or twice a month going to mass.  However, I soon became
fast friends with two students from Singapore named Collin Ong and Lin Sze.  
Collin was a convert to Catholisism from Budhism and he was very eager to
make certain that I attended mass every Sunday.  I would go along with him and
his girlfriend and it was at that time that I started to recall what a difference it
made to go on a regular basis.  It was in my final year that I began to meet other
Catholics at the University Catholic Student service office who were really
involved with their faith and who really knew the meat and bones about their faith.
 Between Collin and Lin Sze, and other friends I would meet later (some through
my brother Lyle's connections) such as Michael Behringer and Mrs Lawrence,  I
gradually came around to realizing the importance of religion in my life.  I soon
discovered that I had quite a misunderstanding of some of the church doctrine
and that there were books published by the Catholic bookstores that actually
explained the basis for all of the traditions, history and theology that I grew up
with but never fully understood (or took to heart).     

There were friends who I consider always welcome in my life that I encountered
in Canada.  They include Satnam Parmar, Phong Ngo, John Furigay and his
family, Collin & Lin Sze Ong, Michael & Robin Behringer, Philippe Sebrechts,
Jay Bananal, Mr and Mrs Lawrence, the Hanson family,  Karen Hansen, Fabian
Wong, Daniel Laforce, Kevin & Stanley Takenaka and family, everyone in the
MYA, former co-workers at General Dynamics or Nortel or GTran or Nokia, a
good chunk of friends over my high school years at Cold Lake, Alberta.  I could
go on and on..... I had been very lucky to have such good friends in my lifetime.
A more recent pic of my parents along with my
brother Carl (in his collared shirt while he was
in the seminary).
A picture of the team that helped
put on a fundraising dance for
various volunteer activities in the
MYA and St Brigids YA group.
(Click image for lager picture).
My Grandfather Sylva Miron and
Grandmother Margret Miron.  They
had since passed away.
Eating Hawaiian food at a MYA
Luau female gourmet party.
Helping make and distribute Baby
blankets for women's shelters in
San Diego and also for Mexico.  
Me (Left of pic) with my brother
Lyle having dinner at a guests
house in the summer of  1999.
I have always been know to be a kind of gadget guy.  I always have some device or trinket that I can use as
an everyday device, play around with, or use to hack some device.  Back in the 70's this started with my
Micronaught collection that had various radio control and interchangeable components. I would always mix
them up to see how the devices worked or what would make them come apart.  

Next came the 80s and the introduction to computers with the help of my cousin Brian Briere.  I got my first
taste of a computer when he bought a Timex Sinclair ZX80 computer.  Then my junior high school French
teacher Victor Wiart introduced me to the Commodore Vic-20 and all the hacked software that came with it.  
Suddenly I had to have one... and soon I had a game library that spanned 100's of games.  
Next came the Commodore 64 and soon I had almost a
1000 games and utilities.  Soon all the neighborhood kids
were coming over to play on our system.

It was 1983 when I discovered that my VCR, that I bought with
paper route money, was able to decode macrovision and
allow me to copy movies.  Suddenly I had a library of films for
the cost of a blank tape.  I didn't stop there for shortly after
that I began to hack all the cable movie station after learning
some techniques while at school.  Free movie
stations and specialty stations came courtesy
of hanging a 6 foot to 20 foot cable on the back
of the television set...... I was well on my way to
becoming an engineer after all this.

I learned programming on those old
Commodore and Apple computers and I
picked up electronics skills by hacking these
other systems I owned.  
While in High School I also began to
experiment with DJ equipment and
learned how to judge what worked
during a dance and what didn't.  

It was in my college years that I
learned how to fence, ride horses,
make candles and soaps... and other
interesting devices while working at a
grocery store (you would not believe
what you can make with common
household chemicals and supplies).

There were influences in my life with
regard to flight as well. Being close to
an air force base as well as having
friends in the military had and
influence on me.  But I learned that
there are specific vision
requirements that I could not meet
that would prevent me from being a
commercial or military pilot.  Thus I
was destined for engineering!